Bill's Vignettes

This is my story. It will consist of little pictures, snippets, or vignettes, from my past. It is a legacy to my children and grandchildren and those that may come after and hopefully will also be of some interest to the casual reader who doesn't know me from Adam.

You Mean Habanero, Don’t You?

Posted by sundoulos2005 on September 13, 2007

I have an affinity towards certain candy items, one of which is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Living at some distance from the nearest grocery store, I protected any I might have from my teenage sons by keeping them in my desk, which was in my locked study.

One sunny summer day, as I was mowing the front lawn, I espied a wrapped Peanut Butter Cup on the ground underneath the living room window. I picked it up and found it to be undamaged. I know I did not leave it there and that left only one of my two sons who, I supposed, I must have surprised as they were about to enjoy this delectable.

I certainly did not appreciate this pilfering, yet I could not make any accurate accusations. What could I do to find out who it was that took it and what could I do to preempt any future thefts?

I had some medical syringes and I had some habañero peppers soaking in their own juices. The idea hit me as a sudden and delightful inspiration. I filled a syringe with habañero juice and injected it through the wrapper into the peanut butter cup. The penetration would not be noticed by the casual observer. I replaced the candy where I had found it and went on about my business. Soon, the incident was forgotten.

About two years later my younger son, Adam, was eating dinner with us when I remembered the peanut butter cup. “Whatever happened to that peanut butter cup that I put jalapeño juice in?” I wondered aloud.

“You mean habañero, don’t you?” Adam responded.

After a gut-busting laugh, I said, “Adam, the only thing better than that answer would have to have been there when you bit into it.”

[The story might leave the reader to believe that Adam had taken the candy. He came upon it, as I had, and took advantage of his find. Poor lad.]


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