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This is my story. It will consist of little pictures, snippets, or vignettes, from my past. It is a legacy to my children and grandchildren and those that may come after and hopefully will also be of some interest to the casual reader who doesn't know me from Adam.

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Ornament Cake

Posted by sundoulos2005 on December 16, 2007

A little knowledge can be dangerous — or perhaps adventurous. With barely a month of lessons (at one lesson a week) under the belt, I had a crazy idea to make a cake in the shape of a Christmas tree ornament. This would be my gift to a ladies’ party that my wife would be attending. Some hesitancy about how to proceed and a surprise flood threw my timing off and the cake was not finished in time.

I first attempted the cake by cutting a hole in the top of the cake and fitting an inverted cupcake (with the crown removed) into the hole. For some reason, without my touching it, the cupcake crumbled. I then made a second cake, reducing the oil from 1/3 cup to 1 tbs. to make it firmer, and placed the cupcake on the cake, using two toothpicks to stabilize it.

The entire cake, except for the ornament cap, was iced in white buttercream . I later added the stars in white, red, and gold.

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