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Here’s a Winner!

Posted by sundoulos2005 on February 18, 2008

Yesterday I participated in my first cake decorating competition. There were four divisions: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and professional. I entered my cake in the beginner division. Judging was done by professional and long-experienced cake decorators.

The theme of the competition was “Try to Remember.” I chose to make a cake in the shape of a skimmer hat from Dwight David Eisenhower’s 1952 bid for election, an event that I remember vividly because my mother wore his campaign buttons. The brim of the hat is rolled fondant. The red, white, and blue bands are buttercream basket weave. The front of the hat is decorated in a 48-star flag color flow piece. On either side are “I Like Ike” color flow campaign buttons. The cake itself was french vanilla with vanilla buttercream icing and filling.

To my delighted surprise, the cake was awarded second place in my division.


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Another Cake

Posted by sundoulos2005 on December 30, 2007

Well, I’ve finished Course II and here is the cake I did for it. It was iced in white buttercream and smoothed. Over this, on the side, is a basket weave icing. Rope borders adorn both the top and bottom. To this were added a variety of flowers done in Royal Icing: roses, daffodils, daisies, violets, apple blossoms, mums, and pansies. The bird was done in colorflow icing.

I look forward to starting Course III in January. I will gain an introduction to fondant and will learn how to make more exotic-looking flowers, as well as tiered cakes.

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Ornament Cake

Posted by sundoulos2005 on December 16, 2007

A little knowledge can be dangerous — or perhaps adventurous. With barely a month of lessons (at one lesson a week) under the belt, I had a crazy idea to make a cake in the shape of a Christmas tree ornament. This would be my gift to a ladies’ party that my wife would be attending. Some hesitancy about how to proceed and a surprise flood threw my timing off and the cake was not finished in time.

I first attempted the cake by cutting a hole in the top of the cake and fitting an inverted cupcake (with the crown removed) into the hole. For some reason, without my touching it, the cupcake crumbled. I then made a second cake, reducing the oil from 1/3 cup to 1 tbs. to make it firmer, and placed the cupcake on the cake, using two toothpicks to stabilize it.

The entire cake, except for the ornament cap, was iced in white buttercream . I later added the stars in white, red, and gold.

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A New Achievement

Posted by sundoulos2005 on November 28, 2007

About two years ago I met a woman that had brought a nicely decorated cake to a potluck dinner. I commented that I would like to learn how to decorate cakes but did not know where I could obtain such knowledge. She said, “I teach cake decorating.”

The months passed one-by-one (how else?) and, not having time and money at the same time, I put it off. The idea never left me, however, and early this month I enrolled in my first cake decorating class, taught by that same woman. The class met for two hours one night a week for four weeks and ended yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and having an excellent teacher made it a lot of fun.

The cake pictured above was my “class project,” all in butter cream icing. Yes, I made the roses. I think I made significant progress and, with practice, can become proficient. Next week I start course two, which will get me familiarized with royal icing and more flowers.

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